ECOBRINE De-Icing Agents


EcoBrine. Formulated and Selectively Applied by Invictus.

Here at Invictus we’re pro-environment so we’ve developed our very own de-icing brines called “EcoBrine, EcoBrine Premium, and EcoBrine Supreme.”  A Leed compliant product.

Your 3 Options

What is EcoBrine?

EcoBrine is our eco-friendly de-icing and anti-icing brine is created by the dilution of granular salt in water to create liquid salt brine. This is the concentration at which salt brine has the lowest freezing point, -21˚C.

In recent years, liquid de-icers have become increasingly popular. They use less salt, are less harmful to plant life, animals and automobiles, and help leave less of a carbon footprint. The most important consideration for our clients is that can reduce the environmental impact on your property while being just as effective as rock-salt.

What Are The Differences?


EcoBrine is made up of road salt. It is considered to be the most efficient de-icing sodium chloride product available.

We provide this product as base option to our customers at no extra charge.


EcoBrine premium is made up of natural, wholesome ingredients. It primarily contains three ingredients, potassium acetate, CMA and sodium chloride. Potassium, being a required nutrient to plant life, has long been known as a safe ingredient to melt ice safely and the CMA gives this product the boost it needs to work down to very low temperatures. It is a powerful all natural deicer that is gentle on the environment, the surfaces it is applied to and harmless around children and pets. This icemelter was designed for the organically inclined.


We also have special Acetate formulated product called “Winter Warrior Runaway Control”, which is 100% Chloride & Urea free and meets all LEED standards.

The EcoBrine Supreme is a great option for runway, taxiways and aprons, as it does not contain chlorides that can cause corrosion to metals. It’s also the perfect solution for areas with exposed or sensitive metals, such as bridge decks, vessel decks, ferries, drilling platforms and transit or railway platforms.

Combined with our own manufactured Brine solution, this is the perfect solution and safe for the environment.

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