Easy Ice Melt De-Icing Agent

Formulated and Selectively Applied by Invictus.

Here at Invictus we’re pro-environment so we’ve developed our very own de-icing agents called “Easy Ice Melt”. Our solution helps keep sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and any outdoor space safe and clear of ice.

It bonds to surfaces preventing ice and snow buildup, while being environmentally safe for people and pets.

Easy Ice Melt is safe to use on concrete, asphalt, stone and wood and works up to -21°C

Our Easy Ice Melt Family of Products

Easy Ice Melt is an efficient de-icing sodium chloride product. Safe to use around people and pets, while keeping your outdoor space safe and ice free. Perfect for commercial and residential applications.

Easy Ice Melt PREMIUM is made up of a blend of calcium chloride and sodium chloride. Calcium and sodium chloride has long been known as an ingredient to melt ice safely down to low temperatures. It is a powerful liquid de-icer.

The Easy Ice Melt Supreme is a great option for runway, taxiways and aprons, as it does not contain chlorides. It’s also the perfect solution for areas such as bridge decks, vessel decks, ferries, drilling platforms and transit or railway platforms. A 100% Chloride & Urea free and meets all LEED standards.

All products available in 4, 10, 20, 250 and 1000 Litres

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